Automotive 05/08/2021

Bentley officially revealed the new carbon fibre rim by Bucci Composites


Bucci Composites: 22" carbon fiber wheels for Bentley revealed

Coming from the Carbon Valley of Emilia Romagna region, the innovative full carbon car wheel that the prestigious British car manufacturer Bentley has presented in recent days for its Bentayga SUV and it is developed by Bucci Composites. The 22” carbon wheel, the largest ever made in carbon, guarantees an innovative design and excellent performance, as well as a weight saving of 6 kg per wheel.

Carbon fibre rim

Bucci Composites carbon fibre rim for Bentley Bentayga.

All the benefits of using the ultralight carbon fiber wheel are directly linked to the reduced weight of the wheel: a lighter component design means less rotational inertia, which translates into greater acceleration, shorter braking distance and better vehicle handling.

Furthermore, less un-sprung mass means improved grip between the tyre and road thus ensuring excellent road holding characteristics.

A further key benefit of the Bucci Composites wheel is the hub-wheel coupling system which allows the wheel to be fixed to the hub in the traditional way, eliminating the risk of wheel bolt torque loss. This assembly system therefore provides all the advantages of a conventional wheel fixing system but with the significant added weight reduction.

High-Pressure Resin Transfer Moulding (HP-RTM) technology.

High-Pressure Resin Transfer Moulding (HP-RTM) technology.

Bucci Composites has also invested in new innovative production technology (High Pressure RTM - HP-RTM), which will enable them to continue developing new carbon fibre wheel models for the automotive sector.

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