BUCCI Composites

Since 1988 BUCCI COMPOSITES has been manufacturing structural & aesthetic components made of advanced composite material such as: carbon fibers, aramidic fibers, glass fibers and other types of fiber.

Process innovation, quality, attention to customers' needs, constant pursuit of perfection: these are just a few things we constantly set as our targets. The 22,000 m² factory has two distinct plants in which all the activities of design, product development, production, painting and quality control occur.

At BUCCI COMPOSITES our customers' ideas can be realized.

Be THE leader in Europe in the industry of advanced composite materials for the automotive, aerospace, marine and industrial sectors.

Design and produce components and/or systems with high structural or aesthetic features, using advanced composite materials, innovative for new high-technical performance applications.

Our shared values guide our activites and represent the action in the world of each person and partner of the company:

1. Love and assist our customers with passion

2. Be innovative not to be surpassed

3. Bring and spread positive energy and solutions

BUCCI COMPOSITES produces and provides both structural and aesthetic components made of carbon fiber composite material for different market sectors.

Composite materials have a wide range of uses, especially when traditional materials fail to meet the same weight and strength requirements. Thanks to their exceptional properties, composite materials will increasingly be used in all industrial sectors. Main characteristics of composite materials:
  • High mechanical performances.
  • Stiffness and light weight of the components.
  • High strength and good thermal resistance.
  • Chemical resistance to corrosion
  • Flexibility to make complex shapes.
The vertical integration of BUCCI COMPOSITES' production system and customer support guarantee complete control of our products.

Our production plants have been designed in order to respect the highest quality standards defined by the aerospace, automotive, marine and industrial sectors. Our CNC machines are managed by a highly qualified staff and they can satisfy our customers' demanding needs. The stability and quality of every single phase of the production process can reduce cycle times, as required by the market. BUCCI COMPOSITES uses the following production methods: 
  • Hand Layup and Autoclave cycle
  • Out-of-autoclave (OOA)
  • Infusion process
  • Wet layup
  • Low pressure RTM (LP-RTM)
  • High pressure RTM
  • Press molding forged carbon - Press molding
Autoclave process
Thanks to the autoclave production process, we guarantee structural and aesthetic requirements for high performance of our components.

The standards which define the final quality of the products are:
  • Uniformity of polymerization
  • Polymerization time
  • Pressure application
  • Resin flow
The purpose of using an autoclave is to apply curing cycles which can generate uniform distributions of temperature and pressure. Continue
Press Molding
BUCCI COMPOSITES increases the range of services offered to customers in terms of productive capacity.

BUCCI COMPOSITES's Press system allows to produce components using the following methods:
  • Compression molding (long-fiber or short-fiber or Carbon Fiber SMC/Glass Fiber SMC)
  • HP RTM (High Pressure Resin Transfer Molding)
BUCCI COMPOSITES is the only supplier in Italy that has these two production systems. The Press system has a production capacity which allows to achieve productions that can satisfy hundreds of thousands units per year.   Continue
BUCCI COMPOSITES has a total floor area of 22,000 m² occupied by two manufacturing plants.

The plants host all the activites of design and process, such as material acceptance, cutting, mold preparation, layup, press molding, finishing, bonding, painting, quality control and final product delivery.
  • Technical deparment equipped with CAD Catia V5.
  • Cutting areas with controlled temperature and humidity.
  • Three GERBER plotters for fabric cutting.
  • Cold rooms for prepregs storage ( temperature of -18°)
  • Cleanroom with a floor area of 2000 m², of which 800 m² are classified ISO 8 (100.000).
  • Two Virtek laser projectors.
  • Blowtherm painting booth
  • Milling area
  • Two CNC 5 axis Belotti milling machines
  • A 5 axis Belotti machining center
  • Post curing ovens
  • Quality control area with CMM 3D DEA machine for dimensional control, 3D laser, Olimpus machine for ultrasonic nondestructive testing
  • HP-RTM system. Plate dimensions: lenght 3600 mm, width 2400 mm. 2500T. Equipped with 2 shuttles for high productivity.
BUCCI COMPOSITES is a synonym of quality and perfect organization of the entire product lifecycle.

Through our Quality Management System, we can carefully control the following phases of the product lifecycle:
  • Configuration
  • Traceability of materials and processes
  • Materials, manufacturing tools and process qualification and certification
  • Dimensional control and nondestructive testing
  • Quality Control Management according to standars (UNI EN 9100, ISO9001, ISO 14001)