Automotive 29/09/2021

Bucci Composites successfully completes the IATF certification process



Bucci Composites is pleased to announce that during 2021 it has successfully achieved the IATF certification: a very important milestone above all to be able to collaborate with international customers as explained by the General Manager Andrea Bedeschi:

“The IATF is an indispensable step for companies that want to offer themselves internationally to the best players in the automotive sector. Through this growth step we think we can access a greater number of potential businesses and continue in our development".

The IATF has also brought about notable changes in many business processes highlighted by Quality Manager Federica Marchetti:

"The IATF certification, oriented to satisfy the requirements of the international automotive sector, wants to make the company quality management system robust and effective. The most significant changes, both on the office staff side and on the production side, have been those that have systematized the working method and the approach to problems and / or solutions. In order for a certification of this magnitude to show deep-rooted and lasting changes, it is necessary to involve all staff at three hundred and sixty degrees; also for this reason our journey has been articulated and meticulous. The turning point lies in having people aware of all the aspects that, directly or indirectly, are part of the IATF system. Only in this way can evolution and growth be constant."