Innovation 09/09/2019

Morà Busoli: the best eyewear in the world, in marble and carbon fiber


Beyond industrial applications
Riba Composites and Morà Busoli

Morà Busoli is the brand specialized in luxury eyewear part of BBG, a company situated in Mirandola (Modena). Morà Busoli innovative eyewear consists of a marble frame, supported by a carbon fiber structure.

Morà Busoli glasses are completely handmade and proudly made in Italy, designed together with the famous Belgian designer Patrick Hoet. Italian celebrities like Carlo Cracco, Ernst Knam and Flavio Briatore wear them. Morà Busoli won the Silmo D'Or 2018 (the equivalent of an Oscar for the eyewear industry) for the "Optical Frame / Eyewear Designer” category: the "Venti" model is officially the best eyewear design in the world for the year 2018-2019.

Riba Composites is BBG's technological partner for the realization of Morà Busoli luxury glasses. Specifically, Riba supported BBG in choosing the best type of carbon fiber for the project and took care of the shaping process. The chosen carbon fiber is characterized by a high Young's modulus and it is also applied in aerospace projects.