Aerospace 29/06/2018

Riba Composites installs the sixth autoclave, for the aeronautic industry


For years we have been a consolidated partner for national and international leading companies in the aeronautic industry. We produce complex components and systems for aircrafts, helicopters, drones and space systems for the major European players in the sector.

We have recently acquired an important long-term contract with an international player in the aeronautic industry.

To face this new challenge, we have decided to invest in innovative machinery: a new autoclave for the processing of carbon fiber components, particularly suitable for aeronautic and aerospace productions.


The new autoclave for processing composite materials meets the most demanding european aeronautical standards and it has become part of Riba Composites’ machine fleet. This is indeed our sixth autoclave, which is added to:

  • Autoclave 1 - 6 m x Ø2,5m (250°C – 12 bar)
  • Autoclave 2 - 17m x Ø1,5m (200°C – 8 bar)
  • Autoclave 3 - 5,5m x Ø1,5m (200°C – 8 bar)
  • Autoclave 4 - 2,7m x Ø1,7m (200°C – 10 bar)
  • Autoclave 5 - 1,4m x Ø1,5m (180°C – 8 bar)
  • Autoclave 6 - 2,2 mt x Ø4,5 mt (200 °C - 10 bar)

Autoclave manufacturing guarantees the production of high quality composite material components. The purpose of using an autoclave is to apply thermal cycling which generates uniform and controlled distributions of temperature and pressure during the polymerization of carbon fiber materials.

Thanks to our thirty year experience in the processing of composite materials and the extensive know-how acquired by the Riba Composites team in the management of the autoclave process, we guarantee high-performance features of our structural and aesthetic components.