The strength of lightness

Today the industrial sector offers many new opportunities. The use of composite materials in the industrial sector is becoming a necessity in order to solve weight problems or technical performance improvements which would otherwise not be possible with traditional materials.

In the automation industry, the possibility to reduce mechanical components' weight allows to reduce the inertia ratio of the entire system and increase the machine's operation speed and the production as well, with a consequent cost saving. 

The close collaboration with important industrial realities operating in many different sectors such as automation, medical and robotics, are just a few examples of the development of future useful applications.

BUCCI COMPOSITES has been the first company in the construction industry to develop structural booms made of carbon fiber, of over 10 meters in length, applied on truck mounted pumps for concrete. The use of carbon fiber to produce booms which convey concrete to the pouring location, allows the final customer to have vehicles in which the total weight stays within the limits of the traffic code imposed by the law, or can reach greater heights for the pour with the same vehicle weight. Thanks to this innovative solution BUCCI COMPOSITES has been awarded with AVK's “Innovation Award“ in 2014.