Innovación 05/02/2024



The Preorder Phase

carbon fibre wheel

Bucci Composites, leader in the production of high-performance automotive components, is pleased to announce the opening of the pre-order phase for its revolutionary 20" carbon wheels dedicated to the aftermarket sector of sports and super sports cars.

The pre-order phase, launched today on the official Bucci Composites shop, offers car enthusiasts and industry experts an exclusive opportunity to be among the first to own and experience the 20" wheel. Thanks to the e-commerce platform, buyers can complete the pre-order process with ease and peace of mind, enjoying an unprecedented shopping experience. Furthermore, thanks to an ad-hoc section on the site, a dedicated team of Bucci Composites experts is ready to welcome all questions and curiosities regarding our new product.

The 20" carbon fibre wheel features

carbon fibre wheel

The 20" carbon fiber wheel dedicated to the world of sports and super sports cars was born from the entrepreneurial desire to create a product with its own brand intended for the end user. The know-how derived from the success achieved with the 22" carbon wheel developed exclusively for Bentley Benteyga has served to develop the first carbon wheel in the world approved for road use. After years of development and testing, our wheel is now ready to be put on the road.

Representing an important milestone of technological innovation in the automotive world, this wheel offers an unprecedented combination of lightness, resistance and high performance. Designed and manufactured with high quality materials and over twenty years of know-how behind it, this component is destined to redefine the standards when it comes to the driving experience.

The weight saving on unsprung masses gives the car unprecedented comfort. The increase in rigidity allows for precise and direct dynamic behavior, offering an unprecedented human/machine connection.