Acknowledgements 17/12/2019

3Shape: Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2019 rewards carbon fiber



Danish company 3Shape works in the dental sector together with the best professionals across the world. 3Shape aims to develop products and innovative technologies in the dental sector and to guarantee the most effective dental care for patients, challenging traditional methods.

3Shape has been named "Best Dental Solutions Provider in Europe" at "Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2019" organized by GHP, Global Health & Pharma. An extremely significant recognition, awarded only to the best of the best in the dental industry.

RIBA Composites is very proud to have taken part in the X1 project by 3Shape, a CBCT ("Cone Beam Computed Tomography") dental scanner. The system combines CBCT scans, panoramic-cephalometric images and face ones in a way never seen before. The X1 scanner is made with ultra-light carbon fiber to get the maximum performance. RIBA has taken care of the structural conversion of the scanner, from a completely aluminium one to an entirely carbon fiber one, realizing the ring, the cover and the arm. The kit includes 3 parts, developed and produced in RIBA in 500 units with a production rate of 1 kit/week.