Automotivo 11/11/2021

Bucci Composites technical partner of Unibo Motorsport


Innovation and sustainability
Bucci Composites supports Unibo Motorsport

Unibo Motorsport is the Racing Team of the University of Bologna. The project was born in 2009 thanks to the passion of a small group of engineering students, part of the student association CTM - Circolo Tecnico e Motori, whose purpose was to connect the academic and industrial realities. Over the years, the project has expanded to include students from all faculties.

The competition challenges teams of college students to conceive, design, manufacture, develop and compete with small formula-style racing cars. Bucci Composites supported Unibo Motorsport in the “UBM 21 ELETTRA GN” project, a full electric prototype formula that will participate in the SAE formula championship, providing equipment and know-how for the construction of the body entirely in carbon fiber.

Over the past 15 years, Formula SAE has expanded to almost all continents, involving numerous sponsors and giving teams from all over the world the opportunity to compete on the world's most prestigious circuits.